Carpe Noctem I – Intro

Before you read, if you are new to my blog I would encourage you to read the Preface to Carpe Noctem I – HERE. I would also encourage you to read chronologically. Reading the preface, and the chapters in order, will give you the best understanding and idea of this Journal Blog. Enjoy!



This is an introduction into my wandering mind. Starting now and starting today. Writing at the age of twenty nine seems strange, yet enjoyable, and perhaps something I should have started long ago. The past is rich with memories and nostalgia. Which, occasionally comes and goes in day to day life. Writing about it now could only be expressed as blurred details and mash ups. I could never write it, my memories, with full justice to their true feelings. To the world I am still young, but I feel as though I’ve already lived a lifetime. Let’s begin this journey by stating that I am not a writer, at least not a published or renowned one. This book, this journal will stay true to what I believe and true to my perception. I will make mistakes, I will ramble and I will speak my mind. My wandering mind. Who’s thoughts never stop. The collection of repetitive memories and new experiences. Perhaps this is my new way to deal with the waves of life stress, or perhaps it’s something that someone else will read. We are more alike than different, you and I. The wandering thoughts happen faster than I can write. Let’s try anyway. 

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