Carpe Noctem I – Preface


The Journal that started it all – Carpe Noctem I

I am writing this quick preface for my Journal to help guide you through it. A Leuchttrum1917 Journal. These are my thoughts and wandering ideas from 17NOV2018 to 11DEC2018. This Journal inspired me to keep writing. To be honest, I have never even read it. The format of the Journal is forty three small chapters, but with no paragraphs. I wasn’t sure if anyone would read it, or if it was just for my own viewing. To help stimulate my mind, and hopefully yours, I will start posting the chapters one by one. I will make them genuine replicas of how they are written, only with spelling changes for misspelled words. I was using pen and I was just going for it, I was bound to make some errors. Non the less, I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. 

Also, to start your own writing and delve deep into thought like me, I highly recommend the Leuchttrum1917 Journal. I’ve looked at many Journals at many stores but found this one to be the best. It’s the only journal I buy and completely custom. Click the picture to get your own on Amazon.

Feel free to share, give any feedback on any of the chapters or reach out to me and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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