I finally started a blog!

Hello to all my readers!

For this first and initial entry on my blog, I would like to congratulate myself on starting a blog! I’ve created this website thanks to WordPress and very much look forward to blogging, writing and sharing with you all. 

I have been doing research on how to write a book and what things I need to accomplish it. Surprising to me was that, you should brand yourself. I didn’t know this and I wanted to avoid that Idea. No matter though, we live in an ever changing world and we need to learn to adapt, myself included.

I’ve started my book, at least the idea of my book and started getting notes down on paper. I’ve been organizing and breaking it down. From big picture checklists to small picture ones. I have been watch quite a bit of YouTube and learning the best ways to go about the whole process. Turns out, there are quite a few different ways to sell your book. I won’t worry about that too much though because I  still have to finish writing it. 

I’m quite looking forward to the whole idea and concept to writing, albeit i’m new. This should be a fun journey, full of discovery and lessons. I look forward to sharing every step of the way with you. 

Feel free to share, give any feedback on any of the weekly blogs or reach out to me and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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