Fifteen Journal Topic Ideas

Running out of ideas on subjects to write about? Worry no more because I have got you covered. Below I have given you a list of fifteen topics that you can write about. Enjoy!

  1. A Bucket List. You can write a list of all the things that you want to do before you kick the bucket. Write them down and check them off as you go! Everyone has a bucket list, so write it down and keep track. 
  2. Meaning of life. What is the meaning of life to you? What are your thoughts? Do we just evaporate into blackness or do we move into an after life? Do you believe in God(s)?
  3. Dream list. A lot of people like to have dream journals or diaries. First thing in the morning when they wake up, they write down the dream they just had. You can even purchase your own book on the meanings of dreams and interpret them yourself!
  4. Letter to a loved one. We all have special people in our lives that we love and cherish. When was the last time we wrote them? You can show your love and affection by writing and mailing them a letter. A tangible letter goes a long way compared to a Facebook Tag. 
  5. Letter to your future self. Perfect for a time capsule, or your journal. Write to your future self so you can read it later. You will see how much you’ve changed and grown, hopefully for the better. 
  6. What do you love most in life? Or who do you love most in life. You can even write a love letter or write down your feelings toward someone. It’s up to you to send it or not. Or maybe you absolutely love your car or phone, its entirely up to you. Write why they, or it, is so important to you.
  7. Favorite quotes. Everyone quotes everyone most of the time, but there are special quotes that can be sacred to us. Make a list of inspiring individuals and write down your favorite quotes that help you stay motivated or give you drive. These quotes are personal to you.
  8. Life goals. Stay organized or keep track of your achievements. Some people write them on their calendars, others keep a checklist. However you want to do it is up to you. Life goals are important, we only have so much time, so get started!
  9. What are you most thankful for? Or whom are you most thankful for. You should write about the opportunities given to you in life, finally completing your degree, or someone you are thankful to have in your life. What do they mean to you? Show your gratitude. 
  10. What is the book your reading about? If you don’t read you should definitely start, it’s a great way to see other individual’s point of view. Write about the book, the author, give the book a review. Would you recommend it to others? Why? 
  11. Poems. Not everyone is a poet, but give it a try. You may find that you quite like poetry. Poetry is a simple and elegant way to write your thoughts down. You can never go wrong with a peaceful poem.
  12. Short stories. Try writing fiction and non-fiction stories. It can be anything. If the story has a plot, it just became a story. You don’t need to brainstorm a million dollar idea, just go with the flow and see what you come up with. Have fun with this one!
  13. Today’s accomplishments. Write about everything good that happened today. What went right? What happened that was good? What project did you just do great on? Little or big, you should always be proud of your accomplishments. 
  14. What could you never live without? Whether you write a list or just one thing, write about it! Maybe you can’t live without your phone, a loved one or maybe you think you would die without your social media. Perhaps you could never live without caffeine!  
  15. Write without thinking. This is by far my favorite topic. Just put your pen to the paper or start typing away. Don’t worry about what your writing, just let the words flow through you. Be creative and let your imagination take you where your mind wanders!

These are fifteen things you can write about. Use your imagination and be creative. Remember, be good to yourself and try to end your writing on a positive note. I hope you found this list helpful! If you did let me know in the comments section below. Additionally, if you have any great ideas for writers or bloggers, you’re more than welcome to share below!

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