Here’s why written journals aren’t dead

Ever think that books on shelves and writing a journal is dead? Me too, at least I did. This blog sets out to show and prove to you the contrary. Journals and books are very much alive and handwriting is important in today’s day and age. Technology is advanced and helps us all out in many ways in this modern world we live in, but hand writing has stood the test of time. Technology will never be able to replace hand writing, yet they both go hand in hand. Here are three great reasons that show that writing journals and handwritten documents aren’t dead. Enjoy!

1- Writing has stood the test of time! 

Writing dates back to before biblical times. It has been the only way to capture someones thoughts for others to see and read. Story telling has always been passed down by word of mouth from one person to another, but things can be lost in translation and memory. Writing and inscribing has be the best way to record thoughts and ideas. The Tangible way to express opinions, write stories and share ideas. A way for civilizations and scholars to record history and tell their stories. Today’s technology has made this no different, just better! Technology has allowed us to share our messages, print books and disperse the information even faster. This does not take away from the fact that ink on paper will continue to stand the test of time. For there to be something to read, someone must write it. It all starts with a simple thought that gets inscribed on paper. Which leads me into the next point.

2- Handwriting is just as, if not more, important digital writing.

Authors, bloggers and students alike all have to do research before they publish or submit their work. Before one can even think about final drafts and submission, we must first plan and organize. How do we do this? We write it down. We take out a notebook, or a napkin or anything we can write on to capture our initial thoughts and ideas. Often times individuals have planners or journals, and hand write their greatest ideas, inventions and plans. Yes, technology makes it easier to write notes in phones and create a calendar, but technology goes hand in hand with writing. Things can be lost in the digital age, from forgetting to save to a browser crash. Even a dying battery can cause you frustration. However, a person with a pen and paper at all times is always prepared! Another reason handwriting is important is because, digitally, everyone’s typing looks the same. Sure you can change the font, but it is not unique. If you write something in your own hand however, your signature exists in every letter you write. Not only that but you will improve your penmanship. This leads me into my third and final point. 

3- Privacy.

Think about how many things you’ve lost because of corrupt files. If all of technology vanished today, or all electricity was suddenly no longer obtainable, all of our technological notes and writing would be lost. But if you have a journal or hard copies, you are good to go. Now I don’t think that the end of technology and energy will end any time soon, I hope at least, but I am saying that it’s great to have things written down. When it comes to privacy, you are not connected to the internet. We all know the devastating power of hackers and copyright infringement. People can steal and sell your information and ideas and create total chaos for you and your writing. Having a journal however is private, as long as your not sharing and keep track of it. You don’t have to worry about someone reading it or stealing your ideas. 

The idea is simple. Handwriting is important. You can create forever inscribed documents without fear of your privacy being breached, or technological failures wiping your ideas clean from existence. Handwriting will increase your penmanship skills and enjoy the personal experience of doing so. I believe technology is important and helps us in many ways. However technology does not possess the power to complete wipe handwriting from the books. Books and journals will forever be important. If you agree or disagree with my statements, or you have your own ideas on the subject, please comment below! I look forward to seeing what you all write and am open to any and all ideas. Also, if you want to see my hand written journal be sure to check out my Initial Journal Blog HERE. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Here’s why written journals aren’t dead

  1. Ive just about always kept a diary in one form or another. I’ve had a Gratitude Journal for the past seven years and hand write in it every night before I go to bed. It’s a fabulous way to take stock of what we have to be grateful for in our life.

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  2. Hi Jacob. Reading your piece, it occurred to me how important handwriting is in learning to read and write. The two go hand in hand, it’s a surer cognitive path compared to typing and reading. So, once learned, handwriting is a lifeskill you can always rely on.
    I keep a small notebook, not really a journal and entries are sporadic but it’s always there. The advantage of it over electronic note taking is the ease and freedom to express my thoughts in any way I choose. It’s as easy to draw a diagram or do a sketch as it is to write sentences, whereas, electronically, this would be difficult and time consuming. However, I’m not sure anyone coming across my notebooks would understand my thoughts – ha ha.

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  3. I’ve been a writer all my life. My daughter, who is 30, writes daily–notes to self, reminders of how to think and appreciate–it’s a great way to calibrate your intentions and feelings. I heard of you through Pete. He’s a swell guy. I’m a veteran of the Navy and live in AZ. Welcome to the blogging world. 🙂

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  4. Hello Jacob, I found you through Beetley Pete’s blog. I would like to add to your thoughts above and say that writing and stories are the basis of all movies, TV shows and even computer games. Without storytellers there would only be reality TV and even that is partially scripted. A great post. PS you should set up a twitter account and link your blog to it so that people can share your posts. You can do this in the media tag on your blog.

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