Why you should comment on writer’s blogs

This blog post is created for everyone. If you’re a writer or a blogger you know how important your creations and posts are. Writers take the time to critique, edit and put their heart and soul into their work. These are the top reasons why I, and you should, comment on writer’s blogs. If you already do this, great! Keep up the good work it’s greatly appreciated by writers everywhere. 

1- It’s personal. Writing may seem easy, but it is not. Creators continually have to brain storm ideas and generate new content. Good content. Writers and bloggers do it because they love it. It’s great to get a million likes and followers, but the comments mean the most. The comments make it personal for the writer and the reader. While some comments, “Great post” or “Nice!”, can be nice, it’s the personal comments that mean the most. If you’re interested in reading, read it! Then comment. Refer back to what you just read and give feed back to the author. They will be more appreciative that you show that you not only read their post, but gave an honest and open assessment about what you just read. Do this every time you read something, which leads me to my next point, it only takes a few seconds. 

2- It takes only a few seconds. Its the digital age and everything now only takes a few seconds. A few seconds to shop, post to your social media, share or like something. A button that you click with your mouse or your finger with your touch phone. A writer took a lot of time or hours to develop their posts and their creations. Often times the reader reads it and gives no feedback. Why? Because “it takes too long”, which is nonsense. We should all take time and give back to our writers and thinkers! They won’t know how good they are, or if their posts are making a difference. It takes almost no time at all, we should give honest feedback and show that we enjoyed the read. A writer would much rather have negative feedback than be left in the dark with no feedback. Trust me I know! However, when you do comment, no matter what you say try and end on a positive note. This leads me into my third and final point, it helps the writer. 

3- It helps the writer. Writers write because they love it. They like to express creativity or influence through their words. However, writers also need to know that what they’re writing about has meaning. The whole point of writing, in my opinion, is because we want to share knowledge or tell stories. To impact others for entertainment or knowledge purposes. If there aren’t any readers to read the writing, than sharing the writing pointless. Help the writers out and give good feedback. It helps the writer see what you want to read, what you care about and what you think. This gives the writer inside knowledge so that they can do the research, and give you the product you want.

Writing is a lifestyle. A lifestyle of discovery and a journey. Writers and authors everywhere appreciate the honest feedback of the readers. Do as I do, comment on posts with meaning. Tell them what you like or don’t like and give examples. You will feel much better knowing that you made the author’s day. You will feel happy knowing that the writer you like takes pride and appreciation in you for commenting. Remember, try and finish with something positive. And since I’ve been talking about commenting, you can comment down below and tell me your thoughts and ideas on the subject! I look forward to what you have to say! 

17 thoughts on “Why you should comment on writer’s blogs

    1. A conversation is welcome! You are the first person to comment on any of my posts and it is very much appreciated! Give me some time and I will be more than happy to check out your website and read some blogs you’ve authored!

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  1. I comment when I can. I have limited time on the computer, yet I follow quite a number of bloggers. I read, click the ‘Like’ button to let people know I’ve been there. I thank you for your service and wish you the very best this holiday season.
    It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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  2. Hi Jacob, nice to get to meet you! 🙂 A fellow blogger, Pete from Beetley brought me to you with his introduction of your blog. Pete comes from London, I come from Norway and like Pete, I also live in North Norfolk, UK. GP Cox is also a fellow blogger of mine and blogging makes this a small world. Both Pete and GP Cox are very good at reading other blogs and top rated commenters – I do it when I have time. And like you, I think commenting is essential for staying in touch with your fellow bloggers.
    Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year! Stay a happy blogger. 🙂

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  3. Hello 🙂
    I get you!
    I have always thought that we (as bloggers/writers) are generally not insular and enjoy the social aspect of what we do. That’s why I chose WordPress.com as the community is built in.. I just struggle sometimes with the concept of one subject = one blog. The thought of starting up a blog for book reviews and another for film reviews and another for general musings or fashion or football fills me with dread and works out pretty expensive but I have worked out that readers prefer clean ‘one subject’ blogs x nice to meet youJacob no greetings from North of England

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