How to Journal

As a philosophical statement one can always say “There is no right way to journal“, which is technically correct. But for those of you who are interested in starting out or anyone who just needs some guidance this post is for you. If you are already a skilled writer, please feel free to add notes in the comments section to add onto what I say here! Writing is about fun, expression and self growth. Lets begin!

Ink and Paper vs Computer. Find your medium. What appeals to you? Typing away at an internet cafe? Sitting on a mountain top with your journal? Sitting somewhere cozy with your computer and cat in your lap? Perhaps you like the idea of the flow of gel pens or fountain pens on paper. Maybe you’ll blog online or write a diary. Either way, this is up to you and a really fun decision. They are both equally important and therefore my personal favorite is both. Try them out and see what you prefer.

What will you write about? You know yourself better than anyone, and what you write is completely up to you. Look around you, find what inspires you and write about it. What are you interested in? If you don’t want to write about whats around you, write about how you feel. Write about your imagination. What stories do you want to tell? If self inspiration is limited, the internet is full of guides and topic ideas. If you want some specific ideas to get yourself started you can click here for my Fifteen Journal Topic Ideas. You could write to inspire or motivate others. If you’re writing to help yourself or help others, fiction or non-fiction, you’re on the right path.

How often should you write? You don’t need to write everyday, or even every week, but you should write often. Stay consistent with when you write. Your collections of thoughts and ideas will compile over time, and you can look back and relive those experiences. You can see how far you’ve matured, laugh at yourself, or wonder how you’ve strayed from your original path. Having a journal will change your life for the better, so its best that you stay consistent. It does not make much sense to have a journal if you only write in it one time out of the year. You want to give yourself room to work with. That all starts by writing often.

When will you be finished? That question is really up to you. Your work is only done when you’re done writing. A Journal is just a continuous writing of your thoughts over a period of time. It would sound gruesome if I said that you’ll never be finished. The reality is, is that you are documenting whatever you want to document so you can look back on it yourself. Or you’re writing to help others, its solely up to you when you want to stop. Most writers don’t ever stop, it’s not in their nature. So to answer to when you’ll be finished is, when you lose the love of writing. For me that will be never!

Why should I write? Getting your ideas, thoughts and ideas on paper or into cyber space. To share or not be shared is up to you. Writing enables you to put down your emotions and feelings into words. To capture your thoughts. You can create novels or experiences for others. You can click here for my Why should you start writing? blog. The main reason to write though, is to help others and yourself, share experiences and spread knowledge. Find what you love and write about it. You can’t go wrong in writing about something your passionate about.

As you can see there are more questions than answers. The key take away is to start your journal. Start! Beginning is the hardest part, so choose your medium and go for it. You have unique ideas and stories, they should be told, even if you’re only telling yourself. Use your unlimited imagination and creativity. Discover your unlimited potential! A journal will help you inspire yourself by learning from yourself. If you have questions about getting started leave me a reply in the comment section below or contact me here. I am more than happy to help you and can provide case by case answers. If any other authors or writers have any advice on how to journal or write, please leave it in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “How to Journal

  1. I think you came to my blog sometime back because I remember reading your background. Using a journal or other means is fine. Some of us don’t write every day because we get so busy with life. Please come back more often. You have interesting things done. Take care now.

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