I want to thank you all again for joining my blog and experiencing this journey with me. In this blog post I just wanted to write my envision about the purpose and overall scope of what I am attempting to accomplish here. I am a completely new writer in a sense that I have not published any books, had a blog before or even started reading on my own. That was until about twenty five days ago.

I started reading and writing almost a month ago. Why? For self growth and to find myself. Feeling that my career for the past ten and a half years had completely changed who I was. Currently I am just twenty nine years old, married with no children and figuring out who I am again. Just like in those amazing adolescent years we all had while we were growing up, except now we have a ton of adult responsibilities. I’m sure that you have an idea of what I am getting at.

So why the blog then? Well, as I said I recently started reading and writing. I began both almost simultaneously. The reason? I was fed up with my self, I didn’t like the results I was getting in life and needed a change. A big change. So I sought out to figure out the best way to turn this sinking ship of myself into a cruiser again. Find my path to optimum happiness in life. 

I began reading self help books, meditation books, self growth books and searching for things that will help me go from pessimist or realist, to optimist. We may not all know it, or want to believe we are, but we are all one of these three types of personalities. There’s a problem with the first two. I found this out the hard way by conforming to social norms and following in other foot steps. What I realized was, by conforming, I was not being my true self. I was lost in the diverse world, unhappy and seeking answers. The drive was that I not only needed change, but demanded it. How do you get change in your life? You start with yourself.

After reading a lot of different books, and writing down my thoughts on paper, I came across a large array of epiphanies. Each one seemingly insightful, compelling and life changing. I grouped all these ideas together and began to mold myself into a greater type of person. A happier person, an optimist. 

Which brings me to the main goals of this blog. I want to talk and share who I am with others. Give insightful and meaningful advice to readers, so that they too can see that happiness is achievable. Everyday. The realities and misconceptions about happiness, how to harness it and how to become an overall better person. I am starting this blog simultaneously while writing a book. Using my own notes and thoughts and ideas, I will help you become the most optimistic person you can become by giving you all the tools you will ever need to do so. 

I will be updating my Weekly Blog and Initial Journal weekly!

I look forward to this journey with you. Let’s discover the possibilities.