Carpe Noctem I – Intro

Before you read, if you are new to my blog I would encourage you to read the¬†Preface to Carpe Noctem I – HERE. I would also encourage you to read chronologically. Reading the preface, and the chapters in order, will give you the best understanding and idea of this Journal Blog. Enjoy! 17NOV2018 Intro This […]

I finally started a blog!

Hello to all my readers! For this first and initial entry on my blog, I would like to congratulate myself on starting a blog! I’ve created this website thanks to WordPress and very much look forward to blogging, writing and sharing with you all.¬† I have been doing research on how to write a book […]

Carpe Noctem I – Preface

12DEC2018 I am writing this quick preface for my Journal to help guide you through it. A Leuchttrum1917 Journal. These are my thoughts and wandering ideas from 17NOV2018 to 11DEC2018. This Journal inspired me to keep writing. To be honest, I have never even read it. The format of the Journal is forty three small […]