How to Journal

As a philosophical statement one can always say “There is no right way to journal“, which is technically correct. But for those of you who are interested in starting out or anyone who just needs some guidance this post is for you. If you are already a skilled writer, please feel free to add notes […]

Here’s why written journals aren’t dead

Ever think that books on shelves and writing a journal is dead? Me too, at least I did. This blog sets out to show and prove to you the contrary. Journals and books are very much alive and handwriting is important in today’s day and age. Technology is advanced and helps us all out in […]

Fifteen Journal Topic Ideas

Running out of ideas on subjects to write about? Worry no more because I have got you covered. Below I have given you a list of fifteen topics that you can write about. Enjoy! A Bucket List. You can write a list of all the things that you want to do before you kick the bucket. […]

Why should you start writing?

Writing is wonderful! Writing can help you out in so many ways and comes in many shapes and forms. Most people already write in the shape of text messages and posts to their social media page. However the writing I’m going to be talking about is the well thought out, diverse, self writing. That means […]

I finally started a blog!

Hello to all my readers! For this first and initial entry on my blog, I would like to congratulate myself on starting a blog! I’ve created this website thanks to WordPress and very much look forward to blogging, writing and sharing with you all.  I have been doing research on how to write a book […]